Michael David Winery

Michael David winery has been producing wines in Lodi, California, for over 30 years.   Their biggest selling, and most renown, wine by far is their 7 Deadly Zins giving them the reputation as one of California’s most popular Zinfandel producers.   The winery does however grow and bottle dozens of other varietals that showcase Lodi’s interesting terroir and VERY ripe fruit.

Over the years we’ve poured many of their different wines including: Incognito, 7 Heavenly Chards, 7 Deadly Zins, Petit Petite, Freakshow Cab  and a few of their Earthquake Series.  We currently feature 6th Sense Syrah, Inkblot Cab Franc, Inkblot Petit Verdot and their single AVA “Sloth” Mendocino Zin.

The 6th Sense Syrah is 100% Lodi fruit that, as our by the glass wines go, is the most full bodied and deep.   There’s tons of rich deep dark berries, some spice and most of all bacon and smoke on this wine.  inkblot Cab FrancThe blend is predominantly syrah with just a touch of petit sirah for backbone on the finish.

Our two Inkblot wines are really interesting since they are made from two of Bordeaux’s most little known blending grapes: Cabernet Franc (also found in France’s Loire Valley) and Petit Verdot.   I love tasting single varietal wines made from these grapes since it’s the best way to show how they’ll affect your everyday cabs & merlots.    The Cabernet Franc is deep purple, almost black in color and has a strong nose of black fruits, violet and even some slate and graphite.  The Petit Verdot is highly concentrated and tannic and has great deep cocoa and anise notes.   ***Note: the labels for these wines have been known to create very interesting table conversations.

SlothWe’re also featuring the “Sloth” Mendocino Zin.   Following in the footsteps of the success of 7 Deadly Zins, the winery is offering a series of single appellation Zins from around California.  Each wine is designed to showcase the AVA’s different terroir and fruit.   Oh….all of the wines will be named after one of the 7 Deadly Sins, hence “SLOTH”.    Currently available at market are the “Lust” from Lodi and the “Sloth” from Mendocino.  When tasted side by side, we found the Sloth to be more food friendly with its spicy cinnamon notes, rich blackberry and black pepper notes.

All of these wines are dark and rich as syrup and have plenty oaky notes from very long barrel aging.

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